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Filling machine Pronova

The linked bags filling machines from Pronova were specially designed for the use of Joker® linked bags and boast reliability and versatility. They are suitable for horizontal and vertical packaging.

The Pronova machines can be easily integrated into existing filling lines, scales, counting or production machines and are suitable for many different bag types. With the numerous setting options and a multilingual user-friendly touch screen with self-explanatory symbols, you can fully customise the machine and the bag opening to your needs.

Learn more about the different linked bags filling machines from Pronova:

General benefits of all types:

  • Short set-up times
  • Low acquisition costs, quick amortisation
  • Fast format change
  • Can be fully integrated into packaging process
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Modular structure: Simple retrofitting of the machines possible
  • Robust, slim design
  • Suitable for products with individual requirements

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