Pack quickly and easily

The functional principle

Your custom-made bags are connected like a chain and equipped with an integrated guide.

In the filling machine, the bags are opened by two guide rails. The bags can then be filled manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically as required. The Pronova packaging machine closes the bags and separates them automatically. The individual bags are now available filled for further use. With the integrated guide, both the next rolls and other formats can be opened in just a few seconds.

This convincing system can be perfectly integrated into the processes of existing technology and enables particularly economical packaging solutions, even for medium and small series.

The bags are supplied with an integrated guide. The next chain can be pulled on in a few seconds.

The benefit for you:

We work with you to design the optimum packaging for your product. Thanks to our wide range of possibilities, we can guarantee you get the appropriate packaging or the right bag.
Depending on the content, different materials can be used and sizes can be selected. As an option, you can select e.g. re-sealable bags with zip or header. We will be happy to advise you about our models
™ The classic model:

The bags are put over a guide rod and opened. Depending on the length of the guide, several bags can be opened at the same time.

In the latest development, the Jokerline, the bags can be opened further, making filling easier.
Tell us what you want to pack and we'll deliver the solution!

Possible configurations

  • Header
  • laser perforation
  • tear notch
  • grip hole
  • bottom crease
  • stand-up
  • needling
  • transverse welding
  • Euro hole punching
  • pressure cap
  • variable Füllöffnung
  • variable filling opening
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Advice and service

For your customer, for the consumer, the right, appealing packaging is often also important for his purchase decision. This is why we offer extensive possibilities to create a sales-promoting design for your packaging.

Any questions?

We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.